Culture of Red Line Marine

Red Line Marine is a dream I made come true by treating people right and taking the high road specially when it’s hard. All mechanical things can fail, when they do who your doing business with is 1000 x more important than who inspected her. Everyone scatters and points to their disclaimers, surveyors, huge dealers and brokers, boat owners, all head for the hills when it comes to stepping up. My business is about repeat customers and referrals that engine runs from people being happy long after the deal is done. More than anyone out here I know how to inspect for problems but sometimes failures happen without ANY way of knowing it was going to happen. Having worked for Cummins, Cat and Detroit Diesel have seen it all too many times. My famous quote is “what do you think is Fair” and we act like a gentleman and work it out so everyone walks away with a smile. Again these are isolated incidents but it happens, Brand new boats and cars have warranties for this reason a small percentage fail.

Be clear on this today’s engines are so hyped up failures are more common than ever. Years ago a 500 cubic inch engine put out 150 HP they lasted 20 000 hours and more, today a 500 cubic inch engine puts out 500 HP, they were NEVER made for this gang. The Litre Displacement designation came out to Hide cubic inch displacement, a litre is 61 Cubic Inches so now you can figure it out, QSM 11 Cummins is 11 Litres x 61 =671 cubes, that engine developing 660 HP is the norm for marine engines today. The answer is to pull em back 400 to 500 RPM away from Governed RPM That’s your honest cruise speed, The last 500 RPM the fuel consumption doubles, your standing behind the engine with a whip and you only gain 2 or 3 knots if your lucky! You would be shocked how many screwed up engines I come across that some pretender inspected and gave a green light to! 90% of the engine surveys are a joke, oil samples do not tell you the condition of an engine, ask me on the phone will be happy to explain, they are a good starting point.

These beautiful girls are my daughters, I need to be around for a long long time selling boats that will only happen from me treating people right. These girls can spend some money!!
Quick FYI on Displacement, Marine is the Only Application where an engine w develop it’s rated HP, The engine in A Peterbilt Truck at 65 mph is developing under 100 HP, that same engine in a Boat is developing ALL it’s ponies at wide open throttle will develop 850 HP!! displacement is about 850 Cubes.